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Ebonheart Pact

NA Megaserver Feline Good Meowporium

Guild master: No guild master found in ESO-Database
Guild trader: Shiniraer in Rawl'kha
Founded 06/30/2017
4,022 Characters
On this page you can see the recruitment information of the guild. These information are exported straight from the game.

Recruitment information Recruitment information

  • Primary Fokus: Trading
  • Play Style: Balanced
  • Secondary Fokus: Social
  • Language: English
  • Min. Champion Points: 0
  • Core Hours: Not Specified
  • Roles: DDHealTank

Feline Good Meowporium (FGM1)! More than just traders, we're the cat's MEOW! Established trading guild and community since 2017!
Feline Good Meowporium (FGM1) - We're more than just traders, we're the cat's MEOW! Established trading guild and community since 2017.

About: FGM1 was founded July 2017 for the love of the Elder Scrolls Online trading economy. The FGM community began in an effort to help new players learn how to effectively make gold, and lots of it! We've grown into a very social community, with some of the greatest people. Want a great atmosphere where you can learn how to sell and make lots of gold? Love cats and all animals? Quick with a pun? This might be 'purr'-fect for 'mew'.

Requirements: We require 15k gold contribution per week or 450k in sales to remain a Feline in good standing. We pride ourselves on our low requirements as traders cost so much gold! We believe that a stress free atmosphere suits both hardcore and casual players.

Community Events (ET):
Mon @ 8pm - City of Thieves
Tues @ 8pm - Training Trials
Wed @ 9pm - Farming 'Purr'-ty
Thurs @ 7:30pm - Batnanza (Zone Clears)
Fri @ 8pm - Fishing Friday
Sun @ 7pm - Live Auctions
Sun @ 9:30pm - Training Trials

We also hold a weekly raffle and other events including housing competitions and seasonal events. Our Discord channel is very active and Discord is highly recommended.

Guild Hall: Our guild hall has all attunable station, Mundus stones, transmute and armoury stations, trial training dummy, aetherial well, and for any vampires, the basin of loss and soul-sworn thrall.

Verified Guild Reviews:
"Come for the trader, stay for the puns"
"Purr, purr, purr