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ArrowVelos Narion

Dark Elf Ebonheart Pact Nightblade

EU Megaserver Velos NarionMain

Master Angler
Rank 50
Champion Rank 1179 (882,485 / 954,072 XP)
Character assigned to Ermitinho

  • Magicka: 32801
  • Health: 14909
  • Stamina: 16550
Welcome to the character profile of Velos Narion!

Character Character Information

Primary residence   Quondam Indorilia
Last update 6 Hours ago

Guilds Guilds

Name Characters Alliance Founded
EU Megaserver Die Wilden Hengste 70 Ebonheart Pact 03/30/2014
EU Megaserver The Tipsy Trader 5,174 Daggerfall Covenant 03/24/2018
EU Megaserver Vivec's Schatten 1,374 Ebonheart Pact 08/10/2015