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Argonian Ebonheart Pact Sorcerer

NA Megaserver Sejreia

Rank 50
Champion Rank 784 (403,737 / 434,344 XP)
Character assigned to Sejreia

  • Magicka: 16236
  • Health: 21393
  • Stamina: 20190
A list of the recipes from the category Meat Dishes of Sejreia.

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Meat Dishes Recipes 41 / 42 (97%)

Meat Dishes Recipes

Chicken Breast Chicken BreastAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 1
Fishy Stick Fishy StickAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 1
Roast Pig Roast PigAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 1
Flank Steak Flank SteakAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 5
Grilled Hare Grilled HareAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 5
Roast Venison Roast VenisonAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 5
Hunter's Pie Hunter's PieAdded on 08/11/2017 Rank 10
Rabbit Pasty Rabbit PastyAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 10
Tarragon Chicken Tarragon ChickenAdded on 08/11/2017 Rank 10
Pan-Fried Trout Pan-Fried TroutAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 15
Rabbit Millet Pilaf Rabbit Millet PilafAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 15
Stir-Fried Garlic Beef Stir-Fried Garlic BeefAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 15
Breton Pork Sausage Breton Pork SausageAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 20
Venison Pasty Venison PastyAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 20
Whiterun Cheese-Baked Trout Whiterun Cheese-Baked TroutAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 20
Cheese Pork Schnitzel Cheese Pork SchnitzelAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 25
Chicken and Biscuits Chicken and BiscuitsAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 25
Salted Cod Salted CodAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 25
Elinhir Roast Antelope Elinhir Roast AntelopeAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 30
Hare in Garlic Sauce Hare in Garlic SauceAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 30
Senchal Curry Fish and Rice Senchal Curry Fish and RiceAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 30
Bruma Jugged Rabbit Bruma Jugged RabbitAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 35
Camlorn Pork Sausage Camlorn Pork SausageAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 35
Crispy Cheddar Chicken Crispy Cheddar ChickenAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 35
Mammoth Snout Pie Mammoth Snout PieAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 40
Rabbit Haunch with Cheese Grits Rabbit Haunch with Cheese GritsRecipe not yet learned Rank 40
Stros M'Kai Grilled Seagull Stros M'Kai Grilled SeagullAdded on 04/20/2019 Rank 40
Akaviri Pork Fried Rice Akaviri Pork Fried RiceAdded on 04/20/2019 Rank 45
Blacklight Oxen Meatballs Blacklight Oxen MeatballsAdded on 04/20/2019 Rank 45
Solstheim Elk and Scuttle Solstheim Elk and ScuttleAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 45
Argonian Saddle-Cured Rabbit Argonian Saddle-Cured RabbitAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 50
Crawdad Quiche Crawdad QuicheAdded on 04/05/2018 Rank 50
Curried Kwama Scrib Risotto Curried Kwama Scrib RisottoAdded on 04/20/2019 Rank 50
Dunmeri Jerked Horse Haunch Dunmeri Jerked Horse HaunchAdded on 04/20/2019 Rank 50
Garlic-and-Pepper Venison Steak Garlic-and-Pepper Venison SteakAdded on 04/05/2018 Rank 50
Grilled Timber Mammoth Kebabs Grilled Timber Mammoth KebabsAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 50
Kwama Egg Quiche Kwama Egg QuicheAdded on 08/26/2018 Rank 50
Lilmoth Garlic Hagfish Lilmoth Garlic HagfishAdded on 04/05/2018 Rank 50
Millet and Beef Stuffed Peppers Millet and Beef Stuffed PeppersAdded on 06/03/2018 Rank 50
Millet-Stuffed Pork Loin Millet-Stuffed Pork LoinAdded on 05/23/2017 Rank 50
Orcish Bratwurst on Bun Orcish Bratwurst on BunAdded on 08/11/2017 Rank 50
The Skald-King's Patty Melt The Skald-King's Patty MeltAdded on 04/05/2018 Rank 50