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ArrowAroma Pandora

Argonian Aldmeri Dominion Dragonknight

EU Megaserver Aroma PandoraMain

Rank 50
Champion Rank 131 (283,591 / 400,000 XP)
Character assigned to Akkrima

  • Magicka: 12065
  • Health: 11794
  • Stamina: 7958
On this page you find the collection category Non-Combat Pets - Domestic for Aroma Pandora.

Back to the overview Collection Collection: Non-Combat Pets

Unlocked: 0 / 82
Image Name Active
Abecean Ratter Cat  
Alcaire Blue Cockeral  
Alik'r Dune-Hound  
Alliance War Dog  
Anthorbred Avalanche Dog  
Ascadian Umber Sheep  
Big-Eared Ginger Kitten  
Big-Eared Ginger Mouser  
Black Cat  
Black Mask Bear-Dog  
Black Morthal Mastiff  
Bleakrock Black Sheep  
Bravil Retriever  
Breton Terrier  
Bristlegut Piglet  
Cloud Spring White Sheep  
Copperback Bear-Dog  
Covenant Breton Terrier  
Cropsford Hen  
Crusader's Coin Chicken  
Dominion Breton Terrier  
Dragontail Goat  
Druadach Mountain Dog  
Gideon Trail Dog  
Gray Morthal Mastiff  
Great Daenian Hound  
Greenhill Farmdog  
Haunted House Cat  
Heartland Butcher's Dog  
Iliac Spotted Goat  
Imperial War Dog Unarmored  
Imperial War Mastiff  
Jerall Rescue Dog  
Karth Winter Pup  
Karthspire Coney  
Knights of the Flame Pup  
Mage's Sentry Kitten  
Mages Guild Sentry Cat  
Markarth Bear-Dog  
Merle Paddock Hound  
Milady's Cloud Cat  
Morthal Bear-Dog  
Mottled Sheep  
Necrom Ghostgazer Cat  
Nibenese Pony  
Nightmare Great Dane  
Ninendava Sacred Goat  
Orcrest Rathound  
Pact Breton Terrier  
Pale Pass Mountain Hare  
Pale Pass Pony  
Piebald Cat  
Pink Pearl Pig  
Pony Guar  
Powderwhite Coney  
Psijic Domino Pig  
Riverwood White Hen  
Sable Tenmar Stray  
Sanguine's Black Goat  
Scruffy Skyrim Paint Pony  
Senchal Harbor-Mutt  
Senchal Striped Cat  
Shadowghost Pony  
Shornhelm Shepherd  
Silver Daenian Werewolf Tracker  
Silver-Gray Mouser Cat  
Sooty Breton Terrier  
Sovereign Sow  
Sphynx Lynx  
Tan Morthal Mastiff  
Tu'whacca's Sphynx Cat  
White-Gold Imperial Pony  
Whiterun Mottled Goat  
Whiterun Wolfhound  
Windhelm Wolfhound  
Winterhold Wolfhound  
Witch-Tamed Bear-Dog  
Woodhearth Brown Rabbit  
Wrothgar Buck Goat