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ArrowAroma Pandora

Argonian Aldmeri Dominion Dragonknight

EU Megaserver Aroma PandoraMain

Rank 50
Champion Rank 131 (283,591 / 400,000 XP)
Character assigned to Akkrima

  • Magicka: 12065
  • Health: 11794
  • Stamina: 7958
On this page you find the collection category Allies - Assistants for Aroma Pandora.

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Unlocked: 0 / 15
Image Name
Aderene, Fargrave Dregs Dealer  
Allaria Erwen the Exporter  
Baron Jangleplume, the Banker  
Cassus Andronicus the Mercenary  
Ezabi the Banker  
Factotum Commerce Delegate  
Factotum Property Steward  
Fezez the Merchant  
Ghrasharog, Armory Assistant  
Giladil the Ragpicker  
Nuzhimeh the Merchant  
Peddler of Prizes, the Merchant  
Pirharri the Smuggler  
Tythis Andromo, the Banker  
Zuqoth, Armory Advisor