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Gildenhändler: Atazha in Vivec City
Gegründet am 12.08.2014
3.472 Charaktere
Auf dieser Seite siehst due die Rekrutierungs-Informationen der Gilde. Diese Stammen direkt aus dem Spiel.

Rekrutierungsinformationen Rekrutierungsinformationen

  • Primärfokus: Handel
  • Spielstil: Normal
  • Sekundärfokus: Geselligkeit
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Min. Championpunkte: 0
  • Hauptspielzeit: Keine Angabe
  • Rollen: DDHeilerTank

A Gaming Guild since 2008; A top ESO trading guild since 2014.
The BBC is always looking for *highly active* traders to join our ranks. Location: Vivec City (Vvardenfell) Blank applications generally won't be approved. Please see below. IMPORTANT: THE COST OF RUNNING OUR GUILD IS NORTH OF 40,000G PER MEMBER PER WEEK While we don't have fees or mandated minimums, we do need to pay the bills. Generating 40,000G in Sales Tax to the guild would take about 1.2 Million in weekly sales, something very few ESO traders do. That means we rely on other forms of help to make ends meet. PLEASE TELL US: 1) What kind of sales volume do you anticipate / what will you be selling? 2) Will you contribute in other ways to help us pay the bills? (Raffles, Auctions, Donating gold, etc) BBC AMENTITIES: - Fun, Friendly environment - EPIC, BEAUTIFUL Guild house with *ALL THE THINGS!* - Some of the BIGGEST and MOST CREATIVE RAFFLES in the game! - Weekly PvE and PvP events, Auctions and more! - Discord (get the link at - Website with Raffle Ticket tracking and 30 Day Rankings, tutorials and more ( REMOVAL REVIEWS TRIGGERED BY: - 7+ days no login w/out notice - Being bottom 5%-ish of contributors (30 Days) (Sales, Purchases, Raffle tix, Gold Donations, Auction bids won, Auction items donated are all counted and we publish 30 day rankings to our website at