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NA Megaserver AK Tamriel Trade

Gildenleiter: JezzaAKTT
Gildenhändler: Sebastian Brutya in Vivec City
Gegründet am 19.08.2015
2.852 Charaktere
Auf dieser Seite siehst due die Rekrutierungs-Informationen der Gilde. Diese Stammen direkt aus dem Spiel.

Rekrutierungsinformationen Rekrutierungsinformationen

  • Primärfokus: Handel
  • Spielstil: Normal
  • Sekundärfokus: Gruppen-PvE
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Min. Championpunkte: 0
  • Hauptspielzeit: Keine Angabe
  • Rollen: DDHeilerTank

Trading Guild looking for active Traders! Come join our Family of Traders. Est. 8/2015
AK Tamriel Trade is currently accepting applications from experienced traders . Members are required to contribute 15k per week through taxes, raffles or donations to help pay for our trader and should keep to our 15-day inactivity policy. We have a fully stocked Guild House with tables for all set crafting, a transmute station, all Mundus Stones and several practice skeles. For our Members, we have weekly Trial Runs, Fishing Frenzy, Skill-point Runs, Weekly Auction, 2 Raffles, Trivia and Random Events! We also broker Crown Exchanges! By applying, you acknowledge you have read our rules and agree to abide by them. Please include Dak is a Rat in your application so we know you have read this. Rules and additional info can be found at the location below: --Discord: https// Come join our friendly and helpful guild to ensure you have a great gaming experience!